New Adventures

So begins another exciting trip down south!

We finally finished up our time working in Coromandel, we picked up another job on D’urville Island and have about five days to get there so we booked ourselves a road trip to our new job. Stay tuned for info on the new job.

We will first take a two hour ferry ride to Auckland from Coromandel Town.

In Auckland we will stay at a hostel called Base X. It’s a standard hostel with six beds in a room, a shared bathroom per floor and several other travelers buzzing around common spaces.

The next morning we will pick up our rental car downtown and drive about two hours to Rotorua where we will look for some fun adventures such as hikes, attractions and sightseeing. From Rotorua we will then drive the rest of the way to Whakatane where we booked ourselves an Airbnb. It’s a backyard cottage with a small kitchen, bathroom and queen sized bed! Finally going to get to sleep in a full sized bed (it’s been a while).

The next day we leave Whakatane for Gisborne, a small town with a shopping center and beautiful beaches. From Gisborne we drive four hours to Napier to our next Airbnb. A small shed (love shack) with a bed and access to a working artists’ full home with colorful paintings, kooky lawn ornaments and a well deserved complementary bottle of wine after our long travel.

The next morning in Napier we will travel downtown to an Art Deco town and do some fun hikes along the way. After that we head up another two hours to Turangi and stay at a farm with serval tiny houses all lined up for guest to come and share a communal kitchen, bathroom and living area. With no WiFi or electricity we will hangout with other travelers and relax in our tiny home for the night.

The next morning the real adventure begins with the Tongariro Crossing, also known as the Mt. Doom hike from Lord of the Rings. This hike will take us between 6-8 hours. We’ll track through emerald colored lakes, up active volcanos and past hot thermal land. Ending the day back in the car for a three hour drive to Wellington and another Airbnb.

In Wellington we will stay with a local cheese maker! She’ll have dinner prepped and hopefully some cheese from her goat farm. Ending the night with a well deserved sleep.

The next morning we take off from the Wellington harbor to Picton on a ferry, then hitchhike to Blenheim where we’ll stay at our last Airbnb for the night and prepare to get picked up the next morning by our employer Rachel!

The next day we will purchase a few groceries and head straight to Rachel’s boat where we will take a short trip to D’urville Island where she lives and thus begins the two month adventure on the Island!

So excited to kick these next few days with lots of driving, traveling, sightseeing and exploring the rest of the North Island before starting our travels through the South Island.

Stay tuned for details on our stops along the way and about our new job!

Stay Cheeky Friends

-David Martinez & Ethan Masselli

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