iPad Pro & Acc.

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about our tech! You may wonder, "If you're all the way in NZ, in the middle of knowhere, how are you even keeping up with this blog"? As a former Apple Expert I knew the full gamut of possible combinations I could bring to work on a website. The problem was, which combo!? A small laptop is the go-to for most. The reason we didn't go with a laptop is two major reasons, it's a target for theft and it's expensive with high repair costs.
Just before leaving the sates Apple announced a new iPad Pro with 10.5" screen. We had decided on an iPad Pro before the announcement due to it's power, portability, and functionality. We returned our 9.7" iPad Pro and got the 10.5". To accompany the iPad we got the Apple Pencil for David, the leather saddle brown Smart Cover, and Apple Smart Keyboard. The Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard combo gives us complete flexibility for blogging and video watching. The Keyboard Cover is great, but we woud've found it to be too cumbersome for the amount of movie watching we do. This combination lets us be productive when we need to be, and easyily tuck it away when we're not. The pencil was a no brainer for David. The maps we post with sketches and lines are all done through Adobe's creative apps with Apple Pencil.
We've been very pleased with the iPad Pro and it's accessories. We use it every day. A few other accessories that we use with the iPad: Apple Music, World Travel Adapter Kit, and iCloud Drive.

Ethan M.

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