Road Trip to Coromandel 

So we're narrowing down to our full month in Paihia and we finally have a plan as to where to go next! 

This is our Road Trip to Coromandel!

1) First, we hop on a bus back to Auckland which is about a four hour bus trip. 

2) Once we've arrived in Auckland, we're going to take a rental car all the way down to Arohena, a little campsite about three hours away and spend the first night away from Paihia there. 

3) The next day we're hitting up some pretty awesome places in this area (Hamilton). First stop is the Otorohanga Kiwi House and Reserve, finally going to get to see ourselves a native kiwi bird! Then we're going to take about a thirty minute hike through some amazing trials that lead us through naturally made arch ways and caves. Ending the night in a near by camp site. 

4) The next morning we're going to head up to Rotorua, a thermal land hot spot! On our way there, we'll track through a few hikes that lead up by some waterfalls and caves. Then we're headed to the Orakei Karako Geothermal Park & Cave for some more exploring. There we'll explore a volcanic world of geysers, hot springs, mud pools and caves! Close to dawn we'll head to the Te Puia Park and Geyser, we'll be entertained by local Maori in a feast of cultural storytelling and Maori Kai (Indegenous Food). Ending the night at another local campsite hopefully stuffed and ready for bed. 

5) After a very eventful night prior, we'll keep the morning somewhat relaxed as we drive up to the very anticipated adventure of them all, Hobbiton! Stay tuned on a post about that experience! After Hobbiton we'll rest up at a nearby campsite. 

6) This day will be mostly spent driving back up to Aukland to drop off the rental car and hopefully we'll do some exploring on the way. 

7) This bus ride over ends our touring for a while. We got jobs in a nearby hostel which is why our final stop is in Coromandel. Who knows what awaits us in this area for three months! Stay tuned for more! 

Stay Cheeky 

David M. 

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