Russell New Zealand 

Hey Peeps!

Yesterday we spent all day in a small town called Russell! It was just a short ferry ride away from Paihia and only NZ$14 with return. Russell had this small beach town feel, with their architecture allowing all forms of nature into their homes. They had big porches and gazeboes, large windows and squat roofs. When we got off the 20 minute ferry ride, we first headed to the oldest church in New Zealand. We then stopped by the Russell Museum and around the corner saw New Zealand's oldest police station! Afterwards we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Crusty Crab (yes it was called that) which had great burgers and fries. We were then off to the beach! I feel like every beach we go to here in NZ there's an overwhelming feeling of mothernature and beauty. Just seeing the water and the massive cliffs that jut right out from the water is incredible! Another thing that's enjoyable about the beaches here is that there are no pesky flies or mosquitos buzzing around the rocks! There are also no fish in the close-by waters surprisingly, and very little sea birds. It's so peaceful. The waters in Russell were crystal clear with so many little starfish and sea urchins clinging onto the rocks by the shore. Next, came the best part of the trip thus far! We took about an hour hike to the tip of Russell and climbed up the tallest mountain we could see. When we reached the peak we just feast our eyes over the massive expansion of the Pacific Ocean! No islands, no boats or cliffs, just water as far as the eye could see. It was so breathtakingly beautiful, to just listen to the waves and see nothing but water and sunshine. Overall Russell was a blast and such a beautiful little town to visit if you're ever in the area. The photos we took could never show the full beauty of this place, but here's a peek!

Stay Cheeky Friends 

David M. 

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