We walk out of the plane from NYC into the George Bush Intercontinental Airport and WOW! This airport is pretty swanky! We're surrounded by LED's and blue mood lighting coming from the massive skylines. Every single seat and bar is lined with iPads allowing you to order right off them and pay right there. Each restaurant is original, with food ranging from Mexican to Vietnamese, Italian to your standard Wendy's and of course Starbucks. But don't get me wrong, this Wendy's is brightly lit and swanky as well! Not to mention every single corner is booming with Devivlet Silver Phantom speakers! I know what some of you are thinking, "I don't know what those are…," take this chance to look them up! They run upwards to $3,000, its 4500 Wattz of intense power, reproduces music from 27kHz, going beyond the audible spectrum to the point where you feel rather than hear". Check them out on under accessories.

Our final destination is about 15 hours away (insert gasp here) and soon we'll be telling you all about the NZ Airline and Airport!

Stay Cheeky Friends,
David M.

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